Thank You, Gentlemen! I recently drove into this shop to ask for mechanical assistance with drive train issues with my car. I knew I needed a written price quote so I can fundraise because I am left with a lot of issues after a rear-end car accident (and the insurance company messing with me). They just didn't have the time for me right then and explained this was a very busy time for their shop specifically. Then they gave me a solid recommendation for a different mechanic. I then asked if I could please pay to have their help to remove a seat in my van I couldn't get loose myself, but I needed it gone. First, he said they didn't have time. Then, as I sat in my car and pondered my options to, first of all, get rid of that seat, 3 of them came out, and got that seat out, and even removed it for me. Thank you, Gentlemen - in spite of being busy, you treated me with kindness, and your recommendation was solid. Thank you!

 - (Review left on Yelp by Malene C.)

I went there to get LED headlights and fog lights installed. They were ready for me at my appointment time. The installation was done quickly and professionally. I was impressed with their work. I have been working on cars and trucks since I was 15. But cancer has put an end to that. So I do know what is involved.

 - (Review left on Yelp by Thomas R.)

I broke down on I40 westbound at mile marker 133.  It would have been closer to go to Kingman or Prescott but I read the reviews at this shop and because of my transient history with Flagstaff, I wanted to come here.  I could not have made a better decision, they made my break down a priority and took care of the minor overheating issue.  These guys don't need guitars to rock! I wish them all the good Kharma coming their way.

 - (Review left on Yelp by Marc C.)

Get service and reasonable prices! I've taken my vehicle here several times and have always had a good experience. No shady dealings or upcharges.

- (Review left on Yelp by Marc S.)

Lady with car hood up - steam rising

Sometimes it is EASY to see if your car or truck needs to come into our shop for professional repairs! 
1.  You see steam rising from the engine!
2.  The Check Engine Light is on!
3.  The engine starts, but there is an odor that is not right.
4.  You hear grinding or thumping noises.

headlight on on vehicle

Every car, truck, van, and SUV on the road today has headlights. However, you've probably noticed an increase in different types of headlights in more recent years - gone are the days where every vehicle on the road had the same bulb. Here is some information on headlights, from TAG Automotive Repair in Flagstaff, AZ.

exhaust on a vehicle

Exhaust issues are extremely common, no matter what type of car, truck, or SUV you drive. At TAG Automotive Repair in Flagstaff, AZ, we can get your exhaust back in shape in no time.

Exhaust issues tend to be neglected, and we get that; there are just other parts of your vehicle that you'd rather focus on. Besides a clogged catalytic converter, there isn’t much risk of damage from a bad exhaust system - it negatively affects your gas mileage, and the sound is annoying, but other than that, it’s an issue many people learn to live with. 

Oil gunked up on an engine.

We see this with our fleet customers, our regular Flagstaff car pool drivers and our diesel truck drivers so it isn't just one type of driver that ends up with a nightmare on their hands costing thousands of dollars to repair, asking about the costs of a JASPER replacement engine!  The fact is your driving habits and maintenance habits can easily avoid this issue!  6 EASY STEPS - Service, Tires, Don't Ignore Service Engine Lights, Keep it Clean & Stop Driving Crazy!

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