They had a price quote as good as any in town, and they were really down to earth guys. Easy to talk to. They get the job done, which is the whole point of car repair. You can't always expect them to kiss your butt with "friendly" customer service, but instead, they're honest and professional, which I would prefer over customer service any day... especially with my car. I needed a new clutch and clutch hydraulics, and they had it fixed in 3 days, exactly when they told me they'd have it done. The price was exactly what I was quoted on the phone. The reason I haven't given them 4 stars is that the clutch noise never went away. But my car still starts and drives. The bottom line is this: I trust them to do what they say they'll do, unlike a lot of car repair shops in Flagstaff.

- (Review left on Google by Timothy H.)

Great people and very helpful

- (Review left on Google by David M.)

Great shop, honest and fair.

- (Review left on Google by Allison P.)

Very friendly!

- (Review left on Google by Patricia R.)

Excellent service, super honest good guys all around.

- (Review left on Google by Anonymous.)

I had work done on my daughter's car in Las Vegas the day before she headed back to NAU. A few days later the car was making a lot of noise when she drove the car. I called TAG and spoke with Tom. My daughter drove the car to TAG and Tom went over the car where the noise and repairs were done. I was lucky it was just a poor repair from the other shop and Tom took care of it. Tom said it was a simple fix and would not take a payment from me. I've had my share of bad service and work after moving to Las Vegas. Tom actually gave me a glimmer of hope that good honest people do exist. Thank you very very much!

- (Review left on Google by Ed B.)

Just outside of Flagstaff, on a 9-hour road trip and a plane to catch in another state, I had vehicle troubles. I was freaking out. After realizing the Dodge dealer was out of business, I called TAG and he said he'd gladly scan my truck to see what was possibly going on. He met me in the lot when I pulled up, ready to go. Very professional, very helpful, and explained everything to me. In the end, I was able to get back on the road, and we didn't have any more problems with the truck and have since put over 1,000 miles on it. I would not hesitate to go back to TAG with any of my vehicles, and recommend to anyone in town, or passing through - this is the place to go.

- (Review left on Google by Amber W.)

I went to Big O for some squeals from the front brakes and sure enough they "found" problems with them, advising that I turn the rotors. I called a few places around town and some were happy enough to do the job while others were skeptical that the service was needed. I took it into TAG and they said they would take it apart and look at the brake assembly to assess the problem. They were upfront and honest throughout the process and even took the car out on the road to confirm suspicions. Eventually, to my disbelief, they told me that nothing really needed to be done and the car was as safe as ever. It's rare to find a repair shop that will tell you that you don't need anything done, and won't charge you for the assessment on top of that!

- (Review left on Google by McKenzie P.)

I have had nothing but good luck and solid service from TAG. I've used them for repairs on my older Jeep a few times now and they have been honest and fixed the various issues. I have also had them service my work vehicle with solid results. I will continue to use them in the future with no reservations.

- (Review left on Google by Jason C.)

I have had some alternator problems and battery problems, and TAG made it a relatively pain-free process of getting them fixed. When I dropped off my car, I thought it would take forever and was stressing about the cost. It only took them 2 2 hours to change out my alternator, and with their 10% student discount, the price was really reasonable. They also caught that the remanufactured alternator that I purchased at O'Reilly's was bad and had them switch it out instead of making me come back and switch out the part myself. I think if I have any more issues with my car, I will definitely be taking it back to TAG. They were so helpful and nice. Overall, great service and a job well done!

- (Review left on Google by Cassie S.)

TAG was great. I've brought my car into them twice. Both times, I got a low price and good work. They repaired my 1995 Chevy 2500 and my 2007 Subaru Forester. I went to one of the other auto shops in town and was not treated nearly as fairly (they charged me over $300 for a temporary repair to my door latches with no new parts, probably took them 15 minutes, and wanted to charge me 2K for fixing my door hinges.) These guys did a full clutch & transmission replacement for that Subaru for under $3000 (including parts). They are my go-to choice of mechanics in Flagstaff

- (Review left on Google by Hal T.)

My daughter and I stopped here on 11/19/18 to get a coil and plugs replaced while on our way to CA. The service and repairs were top notch!  Thanks, TAG!!

- (Review left on Google by Anonymous.)

Helped me out to diagnose my car's transmission problem despite knowing I'd likely not stay for repairs and thus give any money. Top notch care.

- (Review left on Google by Kurt C.)

We needed emergency service on our van to drive all the way back to Wisconsin, they got us right in, and did a great job!

- (Review left on Google by Tess F.)

Gene was honest and thorough but we did not have time to wait for the parts to arrive--Parts availability is a common problem in rural towns.  But Gene was awesome and helped us understand what parts were needed; and he offered to explain the repairs needed to our mechanic at home in Portland, OR. He also checked our computer codes and reset the check engine light for free. I would take my car to get fixed to them again.

- (Review left on Google by Hershall B.)

Fantastic experience. On our way to Flagstaff, we were getting loud vibrations from our car. TAG was only a few miles from our hotel and after a short phone call, I felt very confident that they would solve the problem, as well as get us in right away. They gave me a ride back to my hotel and in half an hour called me with the issue, a bad wheel hub. The price was more than fair, but more important to me was the friendly, trustworthy service. Within 2 hours everything was better and we can drive home safely and enjoy our vacation with peace of mind.

Excellent service!  I would recommend this shop to anyone!  Having prior mechanical experience myself I know the tricks of the trade.  You will not find a more honest shop out there than this.

- (Review left on Google by Josh M.)

After I had ordered a part and it was the wrong part they made sure to get the right one and have it all ready to go four hours later. Feels like my ten-year-old car is brand new. From the horror stories that I have heard about automotive shops in Flagstaff this place has to be the best, great service, and even nicer mechanics, I am lucky I brought my vehicle to them!

- (Review left on Google by Paige B.)

We take all of our vehicles here.  Their prices are reasonable and they do great work.  There's nothing they can't do!

- (Review left on Google by Jamie S.)

After talking to two different shops I towed my car to Tag automotive. It would not start and I thought it was a starter. It turned out to be a part of the ignition that was broken. Two things I greatly appreciate in doing business with this auto shop (Gene was the guy I talked to). 1. They diagnosed the problem correctly within 15 minutes. 2. I do not live in Flagstaff and I told the mechanic I am just passing by and needed my car fixed the same day. They had other cars in the shop but they fixed my car first because I was stuck in an unknown city with no place to go. It took these guys about 15 minutes for diagnosis, about 30 min waiting for the part to be delivered, and about an hour to get the car fixed. After talking to my regular mechanic I was told that they charged me a fair price. I usually do not write reviews but I was impressed with prompt service and decided to do something nice for these guys by writing this five-star review. If someone I knew needed a recommendation for the auto shop I would recommend this place without hesitation.

- (Review left on Google by Mark C.)

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